CoreSports teaches sportspeople how to best use their body during training and competition. The choice of many top New Zealand athletes, CoreSports helps to perform better and for longer.

Tony Lochhead - All whites player is training

Tony Lochhead – All Whites

What are the benefits?

  • Build muscle & core strength

  • Better understanding of body mechanics – helps avoid injuries

  • Greater flexibility and agility

  • Learn effective stretching and movement based on your body’s unique attributes

  • Improved performance and technique

  • Improved posture, stability and muscle awareness

  • Smoother technique

  • Alleviate back and neck strain

What’s involved?

  • A Customised Conditioning Plan

  • Core Strengthening

  • Rotational Exercises

  • Postural Analysis

  • Muscular Release Therapy

  • Ball Rolling Release Work

  • Incorporation of the Franklin Method

  • A customised stability and postural improvement plan

  • Biomechanical assessment – establish physical abilities/disabilities

  • An individualised exercise programme

How will CoreSports help me
in my sport?

  • Football Become more agile around the field, get stronger and use your body more effectively.

  • Rugby Build up your strength and flexibility to reduce risk of neck, back and all other injuries. CoreSports assists with recovery after training and games.

  • Netball Avoid ankle and knee injuries with body movement analysis and stability training.

  • Horse Riding Ride for longer and avoid post-activity pain with CoreSports’ posture and alignment work.

  • Golf CoreGolf helps take your game to the next level whether you’re just starting to play or compete professionally.

Hear from Donna's clients

“Since training with Donna I have noticed a huge improvement in my fitness, strength and focus.

James Bannatyne
New Zealand All Whites Goal Keeper

Pilates has changed my golf game in so many ways. Within 3 sessions I noticed a great difference not only in my posture and strength but also in my ball striking. Donna has introduced me to a new way of strength training while keeping the flexibility I need as a professional golfer.

Sarah Nicholson
New Zealand Woman’s Professional Golfer

I have known Donna for approximately 7 months, with meeting her through Playing Professional Sarah Nicholson, who I coach. It was through this that I learnt of Donna’s fantastic ability to analyse a player’s biomechanical movements and provide specific exercises to help ensure the correct function during their golf swing as well as to ensure the player does not suffer any short or long term injuries.

Kevin Smith
New Zealand High Performance Golf Coach