CoreMove helps you regain freedom of movement. By accurately determining your pain areas through careful postural, flexibility and balance assessment, the programme is tailored to your body’s needs and your personal goals.

What are the benefits?

  • Achieve freedom of movement and improved stability

  • Alleviate physical and emotional pain

  • Understand your body fully – avoid future injuries

  • Build up core-strength

  • Learn to use your whole body

  • Ongoing expert guidance through the programme

What’s involved?

  • Analysis – We test your posture, mobility and stability, giving you a full evaluation. We identify the muscle areas that prevent freedom of movement, creating an optimal programme for you.

  • Rehabilitation – Achieve full body movement through a mix of pilates and yoga (both on mat and apparatus), ball rolling, flexibility training, release therapy and core strength work.

  • Education – During each CoreMove session Donna explains the techniques and exercises used so you can maintain freedom of movement after the programme.

CoreMove postural analysis is available via Skype. Get in touch now.

Hear from Donna's clients

As a dancer, I would recommend Donna and 2thecore for overall improvement in flexibility, strength, control and coordination.

Victoria Bennett
New Zealand Royal Ballet