CoreMassage is a mind body technique, which promotes healing, relieves stress and aids in relaxation. CoreMassage brings inner peace and deep relaxation, detoxifies the body and re-energises the mind and spirit.

What are the benefits?

  • Bring peace and deep relaxation
  • Dissolve energy blockages and tension
  • Detoxify the body
  • Re-energise the mind and body

What’s involved?

  • Treats the whole person, body, emotions, mind and spirit
  • Creates feeling of peace, security and well being
  • Natural and safe method of spiritual healing


Three Island Massage 90mins

A relaxing signature massage merging the body, mind and spirit from three island cultures. Balinese kecak movement in massage to promote the flow of energy, Hawaiian lomi lomi or kahuna to rid the body of physical and mental stresses and Donna’s own creation of Muscular Release Therapy from Aotearoa that lengthens the muscle for freedom of movement. This combination massage is traditionally performed to honor the body as a temple of the soul.   

Swedish-Inspired Triad Massage 75mins

This back, neck and shoulder massage with Muscular Release Therapy improves circulation, decreases muscle toxins while increasing oxygen in the blood. Let the weight of the world melt away with this energetically subtle, yet strong massage.

Muscular Release Therapy 75mins

Muscular Release Therapy is a unique massage therapy that combines compression, extension and movement to lengthen the muscle and create freedom in the joints. Perfect for injury rehabilitation or athletes.

Body Rolling Therapy 60mins

Body Rolling Therapy uses the natural weight of your body combined with gentle facilitated pressure on body rolling balls. This is a ball massage that gets in and around the joint creating space and releasing the body of tension.

Flower Essence Healing 90mins

A relaxing, spiritual and therapeutic healing using a unique blend of New Zealand Bachflower Essences combined with massage to facilitate the balance of energy and allow the natural flow of Qi through the body. Understanding how energy works is the key to physical, mental and emotional change. 

Add-on Balinese Head Massage 15mins

Balinese Head Massage is gentle and rhythmic, helping to clear congestion in the nerve pathways to relieve pressure and pain from tense muscles, sinus congestion, tired eyes and to increase circulation. Specific Marma points are stimulated to help reduce migraines, insomnia and regulate mood.