Equipment & Techniques Used

Our Equipment

The 2thecore studio offers state-of-the art Balanced Body® equipment:

  • Foam Roller

  • Rotator Discs

  • Incline Beds
  • Flexi Rings
  • Yamuna Balls
  • Mats

Our Techniques


CoreMassage is a mind body technique, which promotes healing, relieves stress and aids in relaxation. Donna’s massage brings the client inner peace and deep relaxation, detoxifies the body and re-energises the mind and spirit.


Release work and apparatus is used to help muscle strength, balance, flexibility, core strength, and pelvic/spinal alignment.

Body Rolling

A small ball is used with  your weight to create traction, movement and release. Donna implements body rolling techniques into her sessions, helping to achieve greater mobility. While very popular in the United States, Donna Barton is one of the few trained body-rolling practitioners in New Zealand.

Posture & Alignment Analysis

Examines typical body positions and identifies issues that cause pain or reduced freedom of movement. Donna will show you how to use the right muscles and avoid discomfort.