is a body awareness method based on strengthening, tension release and increased mobility. We help you find balance in your everyday life.

Donna Barton

Founder Donna Barton has helped many New Zealanders reach their physical goals with her extensive experience in pilates, rehabilitation, postural evaluation, release therapy, application of the Franklin Method and core strengthening.

What Donna can help with


CoreMove helps you regain freedom of movement. By accurately determining your pain areas through careful analysis, the programme is tailored to your body’s needs and your personal goals.


CoreGroup sessions are perfect for both small and large groups. Enjoy a range of activities that build strength and improve balance & movement as you have fun with your friends and workmates.


CoreRelease is hands on muscular therapy, freeing the body of restrictions, stress and tension to create a calm, balanced body and mind.


CoreMassage is a mind body technique, which promotes healing, relieves stress and aids in relaxation. CoreMassage brings inner peace and deep relaxation, detoxifies the body and re-energises the mind and spirit.


CoreSports teaches you how to best use your body during training and competition. The choice of many top New Zealand athletes, CoreSports helps you to perform better and for longer.


CoreYoga is holistic healing practice that benefits the mind, body and spirit. CoreYoga improves balance and flexibility and increases quality of sleep.

Hear from some of Donna's clients

  • Tony Lochhead

    I have been training with Donna for a while now and I have noticed huge improvements in my football… and in my golf swing!

    Tony Lochhead, New Zealand All Whites
  • Kevin Smith

    I have found Donna to have an extensive knowledge of biomechanics as well as the ability to analyse a person’s mobility, stability, and correcting any issues or injuries they may be suffering from at the time.

    Kevin Smith, New Zealand High Performance Golf Coach
  • James Bannatyne

    Since training with Donna I have noticed a huge improvement in my fitness, strength and focus. Pilates has definitely helped me with my football.

    James Bannatyne, New Zealand All Whites Goal Keeper
  • Bree Turnbull

    Working with Donna has helped me change my body structure and muscle awareness. Pilates is such an easy way to keep my strength and flexibility up while travelling and playing golf tournaments week in and week out. If only I had gotten into it earlier!

    Bree Turnbull, Australian Woman’s Professional Golfer